Writing a reference for a caseworker

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Writing a reference for a caseworker

Vacancy in position; temporary operation without director; designation of acting director. Submission to licensing authority; contents. Foster Care Agencies Inclusion of information regarding agency.

writing a reference for a caseworker

Inclusion of information regarding director. Inclusion of information regarding foster homes, staff, children and services.

Release of information regarding applicant. Investigation and inspection of facilities. Inclusion of additional information. Hearing; plan of corrective action. Qualifications; responsibilities and duties. Plan for management; maintenance of records; budget; accessibility of certain information.

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Certification on use of physical restraint. When authorized; reporting requirements. Records regarding employment; required notice when no longer employed. Maintenance; notification of cancellation or nonrenewal. Pursuant to NRS Supplied in codification; A by Div.

Supplied in codification NAC Added to NAC by Div. Services by R, eff.

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In a county whose population isor more, the director of the agency of the county that provides or arranges for necessary child welfare services or a person designated by him or her; or 2.

In a county whose population is less than , the Administrator or a person designated by him or her. Provides services writing a reference for a caseworker performs duties in a foster home or for a foster care agency; and 2.

Is not responsible for the direct care or supervision of a child. This may include receipt of mail and phone messages, keeping clothing in the home, occasionally sleeping on the premises, using the facilities for bathing, etc. The licensing process determines whether the foster home is safe for children and whether staff can provide suitable care for children.

Services by R, NAC The licensing of a foster home means only that the licensing authority has evaluated the family, home, property and services, and has determined that the foster home is in compliance with licensing requirements. Any person or agency who wishes to operate a foster home must contact the appropriate licensing authority representative for an application and return the completed application to the licensing authority.

When a person or agency applies for a license, the application must include information on the person or agency applying for the license, the director and the staff, as applicable. The director or licensee of the foster home is responsible for interviewing each prospective member of the staff and submitting a copy of each employment application and resume to the licensing authority upon request.

Intentional misrepresentation or omission of information on a foster home application is cause for the immediate denial of the application or revocation of the license. Such a denial or revocation is not subject to appeal. The request to withdraw should be made or confirmed in writing.

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Reapplication for a license after a withdrawal may be made at any time without penalty. A licensing authority representative shall conduct a fair and impartial investigation of each foster home after receipt of an application for the licensing of the home, and shall investigate the home to determine whether the licensing requirements are met and the maximum capacity and range of ages of children for which the home may be licensed.

The licensing authority representative shall gather direct and collateral data to complete the licensing study. A licensing authority representative may visit the foster home at any time, announced or unannounced, to determine compliance with licensing requirements and must be available for consultation as appropriate.

The licensing authority representative shall visit each foster home at least once annually.Administrative Rule 65C. 65C-9 Alien Children. 65C Substitute Care of Children. 65C Group Care.

writing a reference for a caseworker

65C Child Placing Agencies. State of Maine Rule Chapters for the Department of Health and Human Services. Chapters available for downloading are highlighted. All chapters for this Department are formatted in Microsoft Word. checkmyfile - home of the UK's only Multi Agency Credit Report.

See yours free for 30 days. (a) When a court orders removal of a child pursuant to Section , the court shall first determine whether there is a parent of the child, with whom the child was not residing at the time that the events or conditions arose that brought the child within the provisions of Section , who desires to assume custody of the child.

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