Understanding safeguarding of children and young people essay

Vulnerable people who are being targeted, not because they are bad people or want to get involved in criminal activity, [but] because they are vulnerable and they need a sense of belonging and through that grooming process they are given that. In suspected cases of radicalisation, social workers and local authorities are under a duty to refer the case to the local Channel panel, which will then decide the correct, if any, intervention and support to be offered to that individual. In recent months, high-profile radicalisation cases in the press have placed a greater emphasis on the role of agencies in preventing the radicalisation of individuals.

Understanding safeguarding of children and young people essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? No Secrets — Guidance published by the Department of Health, builds upon the governments respects for human rights and highlights the need to protect vulnerable adults through effective multi-agency work. Implementing adult procedures in Wales The Human Rights Act became law in Briton in and its articles and protocols, give all people constitutional rights that were intended to prevent discrimination and unfair treatment, echoing and the idea of advocacy: Being able to say what I like as long as I respect others.

Making choices about my life. Expecting people to listen to me. Having information about my rights. Having my rights respected.

Being safe at home and having time to myself. Speaking out and complaining if something is wrong. Choosing the people I see and who my friends are. Getting married and having children.

Living with people that I get on with. Deciding what I spend my money on and getting paid for what I do. There is less ignorance in the community as more people with learning disabilities have been able to have better access in the community and the public are getting use to adapting to them.

Also due to training at work the public are getting training at work and this is also making them aware about disabled people and they are being taught about disabled people.

Families are also getting more help form the government and are receiving benefits to help them care for their loved ones. They families are also receiving support from the local councils and carers are coming to the home and taking disabled people out in the community.

Explain what is meant by learning disabilities. A significantly reduced ability to understand new or complex information, to learn new skills with: A reduced ability to cope independently, which started before adulthood with a lasting effect on development.

Obvious difficulties in learning, especially educational skill, but can acquire skills of everyday living. Considerable difficulties in learning, will probably need help mastering everyday skills. Substantial difficulties, language abilities will be limited.

Will need support with many daily living activities. Extreme difficulties in all learning.

Understanding safeguarding of children and young people essay

Limited communication and may possibly have physical needs. Will be dependant on others for personal care and other daily living activities. Causes of learning disabilities can occur at various stages of development either before birth or after birth.

Understanding safeguarding of children and young people essay

The disabilities which occur before birth or pre-natally are know as congenital causes such as chromosomes, Fragile X Syndrome. In other cases, harmful substances in the womb may affect a foetus, this could include alcoholism or drug abuse during pregnancy.Instant access to quality essays and coursework written by UK university and college students.

Inspire your essay writing, get help with new ideas, study with confidence. Explain the main differences when communicating with adults, young people and children: The main differences between communicating with a child, young person or adult is our tone of voice, body language, facial expressions, gestures and the vocabulary we use.

UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people. Published: Mon, 5 Dec From , child minders, nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes are required to pursue the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), .

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Lions are changing the world one community at a time, by addressing needs at home and around the globe. We are million men and women who believe that kindness matters. Unit 16 Code p5 Understand safeguarding of children and young people 1.

Understand policy, procedures and practices for safe working with children and young people Explain policies, procedures and practises for safe working with children and young caninariojana.com order to ensure the safety of the children and young people in our care there are a number of policies, procedures and .

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