Total security concepts essay

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Total security concepts essay

According to one study, there are 19 major world religions which are subdivided into a total of large religious groups, and many thousands of unique faith groups.

The result is that major chaos exists in the field of religion: Religions differ greatly in their concept of deity. Even a simple listing of some of the popular concepts of deity is overwhelming: Religions also differ in their beliefs about the afterlife, morality, the role of women, etc.

We list over two dozen such areas of disagreement. The role of security in religions: There are many theories about the origins of religions. Unfortunately, the first religions predated the invention of writing, and so there is no concrete evidence for researchers to go on. Some anthropologists have suggested that religions were created to give humans a feeling of security in an inherently insecure universe.

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Primitive humans were the first species to be aware of their own impending death. They were also frightened of harm from storms, lightning, floods, hail, famine, etc. Fertility was critical -- both of the crops and families. The first primitive religions gave people security and a sense of control.

This need for security and control continues today. This is particularly true among followers of religions like ChristianityIslamand others that teach the existence of life after death in the form of Heaven and Hell.

Many followers of those religions that believe in a God who tortures people throughout all eternity for not meeting his criteria tend to be very concerned about meeting their God's standards.

Total security concepts essay

Many religious conservatives are worried that if their country allows sexual minorities, religious minorities, etc. The role of certainty and doubt in religions: Faith groups differ on these topics: Many faith groups teach exclusivism: Those that God has revealed to humanity.

False religions created by humans to justify their beliefs in God. They frequently teach that their own group is the only "top down" religion; their God created humans and revealed a faith to them.

Most also often teach that doubt is a great sin, because it leads to heresy and apostasy. Followers must believe all of their faith group's teachings, or else their immortal soul is in danger.

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However, religion is becoming an increasingly hard sell. The Internet, mass communications, religious diversity, and comparative religion classes have together increased people's awareness of the lack of consistency among the world's religious beliefs.Achieving Business Information Security in Cyberspace (Essay Sample) Instructions: According to Pesante () there are three basic security concepts that are important to information on the Internet.

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Each of these four systems will be defined in greater detail later in this essay. Theism can be subdivided into various types, according to the number and relative ranking of the deity or deities. Computer Concepts – Essay Sample. Home / Essay Examples / Computer Science / Computer Concepts – Essa Computer Concepts – Essay Sample.

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Total security concepts essay

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