Research paper on computer viruses

Timeline of notable computer viruses and worms Early academic work on self-replicating programs[ edit ] The first academic work on the theory of self-replicating computer programs [18] was done in by John von Neumann who gave lectures at the University of Illinois about the "Theory and Organization of Complicated Automata ". The work of von Neumann was later published as the "Theory of self-reproducing automata". In his essay von Neumann described how a computer program could be designed to reproduce itself.

Research paper on computer viruses

The origin of the MORs Mortal Oscillatory Rates of bacteria and virusesoriginally discovered by Royal Rife during the first half of the twentieth century, has perplexed many people since that Research paper on computer viruses.

While it is generally acknowledged that some type of resonance phenomenon destroyed or debilitated the organisms, it has been difficult at best to pinpoint any association of specific frequency with what is physically affecting these life forms during the time of their debilitation or demise.

What exactly might be the destructive mechanism that is affecting each organism? Is it a resonance related to its full size, or perhaps that of the nucleus, mitochondria, or capsid?

Research paper on computer viruses

Is it a correlation with some type of biochemical resonance? Why does each organism seem to need a specific frequency? Could the phenomenon be related to its DNA, and if so, what is the resonance relationship? These questions and more have kept folks that use or explore Rife-related technologies awake into the wee hours of the morning on many occasions, and have been the focus of endless animated discussions.

Research paper on computer viruses

This paper will explore some possibilities that might assist in shedding light on the resonance relationships.

These mechanisms of action require that some type of physical parameter be available that can be converted into frequency. Two major physics relationships, that of converting a length into frequency or wavelength, to be more accurate ; and that of converting mass into frequency, will be looked at in some detail.

DNA Pathogen Frequencies

While it is acknowledged that some of the concepts presented in this paper will be open to dispute, it was felt that the sheer number of correlations found with the audio frequencies currently being used begged a closer look. For that reason these ideas are being offered to the community of serious researchers as a springboard for further discussion.

The concepts and frequencies discussed in this paper, and any materials eventually offered in conjunction with this paper, are in no manner intended to suggest treatment or cure for any disease or condition.

Furthermore, this writer cannot assume any responsibility for enhancement of or degradation to physical health arising from use of the information presented in this paper. The developments in the past thirty to forty years in the field of genetics and molecular biology has resulted in an explosion of information available to anyone that cares to take a look.

Information is widely available in medical and scientific journals, and extensive databases can also be accessed on the internet. The length of any object can be thought of as having a resonant frequency by virtue of correlation with a wave-length. Thanks to explicit analysis of DNA structure, it is now accurately known how far apart the base pair molecules are spaced in that helix.

If one knows exactly how many base pairs are contained in the complete genome, finding the entire length is a simple matter of multiplying the number of base pairs times the spacing.

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Stryer, Biochemistry, 4th ed. Freeman,p. However, for the purpose of this analysis, the classic Watson-Crick model of base pair spacing will be used, which is actually an average spacing over the entire length of the DNA genome. To use any other model for this discussion would make it hopelessly complex for these purposes.

For further discussion on this subject, see Stryer, p. The dimensions of the B-helix, which is by far the most common DNA form for bacterial and eukaryotic life forms, tells us that: One complete turn of the helix spans a distance of Therefore, the spacing of the individual base pairs on the axis would be In scientific notation, this can be written as 3.

The use of meters will now make it possible to convert this total length or wavelength to frequency. Looking at an example from a real organism, the Rubella measles virus contains base pairs in its entire DNA genome. For access to base pair information on viruses, go to http: This is a figure that can be used as a possible wavelength for the Rubella viral DNA.

To convert this wavelength to frequency, we turn to the physics formula: Johnson, Physics, 2nd ed. In this instance we will use the speed of light: Further comments regarding the use of this velocity follow shortly. This would be a possible theoretical resonant frequency for the Rubella DNA genome.

It is interesting to note that this frequency falls at the high end of the infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum near visible lightand in the general area of the spectrum that Royal Rife had under consideration in his microscopic work.

To access this frequency in the audio range, an accurate and resonant way to accomplish this it is to repeatedly divide the frequency by 2. In music, this would be called going to a lower octave.everest group research paper anthills of the savannah critical essays on fahrenheit essays comparing and contrasting plan sheet trench warfare ww1 essay attention hexabromobenzene synthesis essay, speech parts of an introduction for an essay, please tell us about yourself essay urban or rural life essay local health and environment issues essay.

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