Problems facing worlds oceans through the

For centuries, people have assumed that our vast ocean was limitless and immune to human impacts. Trash is being eaten by marine life and has entered every level of the food chain — even ending up in the seafood on our plates.

Problems facing worlds oceans through the

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Oceans Issues & Threats

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Well, I’m finally done building that fence I’ve been meaning to build for the last few years. It came out great, and now we at last have the nice, private. With a massive influx of natural disasters, warming and cooling periods, different types of weather patterns and much more, people need to be aware of what types of environmental problems our planet is facing.

May 29,  · 71% of our planet is covered by oceans, yet we still neglect them, harming the innumerable creatures that live in them, and polluting one of our largest resources. The threats that plastic pollution and overfishing pose to the health of our oceans is clear — without adequate protections and corporate responsibility, we face creating irreversible damage and the collapse of some of the most important food sources in the world.

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Problems facing worlds oceans through the

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