Is china a threat to the indian software industry

There are no negatives but only opportunities,' notes Dr Rajaram Panda. Though the expected common talking point was how to engage China constructively in the interest of regional stability, the overriding hidden factor was how to 'manage' China's increasing assertiveness in regional issues.

Is china a threat to the indian software industry

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Some of the challenges faced by e-commerce in India are: Absence of Cyber Laws, 3. Privacy and Security Concern, 4. Payment and Tax Related Issues, 5. Digital Illiteracy and Consumer Psyche, 6.

Virus Problem and 7. E-commerce in spite of opportunities, hoopla and hype, also bears the connotations of challenges as well at the same time.

We, therefore, enumerate the major challenges e-commerce in small enterprises is facing and also submit the remedial measures to meet these challenges. Internet is the backbone of e-commerce.

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Unfortunately, internet penetration in India is so far dismally low at 0. Similarly, penetration of personal computer PC in India is as low as 3. Internet is still accessible through PCs with the help of telephone lines.

Given the penetration of telephone only 2. It is difficult for e-commerce to reach to 1, million population spread over 37 million households in 6, 04, odd villages and 5, towns and cities.

Besides, both cost of PCs and internet access in India are quite high. Absence of Cyber Laws: Other big challenge associated with e-commerce market is the near absence of cyber laws to regulate transactions on the Net.

WTO is expected to enact cyber laws soon. The Bill also intends to facilitate e-commerce by removing legal uncertainties created by the new technology. As it stand today, the Bill deals with only commercial and criminal areas of law.

Is china a threat to the indian software industry

However, it does not take care of issues such as individual property rights, content regulation to privacy and data protection specific legislation. Privacy and Security Concern: As of to-day, quite vulnerable issues related to e-commerce are privacy and security.

Payment and Tax Related Issues: Issues related to payment and tax is yet another problem continuously hinting e-traders. The electronic payment is made through credit card or plastic money which could, however, not become popular so far in India mainly due to two reasons.

First, the penetration of credit card in India is very low 2 per cent of the population. Second, the Indian customers are quite skeptical of paying by credit card with the increasing threat of fraud played by hackers.

Like elsewhere, credit card could not gain growth in India mainly because of authentification and recognition problems of electronic signatures Dahiya and Singh Similarly, tax administration is yet another complex problem in this seamless worldwide e-commerce.

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As establishing incidence of tax in case of e-commerce transactions becomes difficult, this, thus, provides ample scope for tax evasion. How to get rid of this? Some suggest total tax holiday till for e-commerce in the country. There are others who support zero duty on e-commerce to flourish it in the country.

It has already been decided in US that there will be no tax on anything sold on the internet in digital form.Medical Devices Industry Opportunities in Japan & China occasional incidents like Novartis's recent threat of suspension by the Japanese Ministry of Health, but especially generic specialists such as India - are looking to Japan as a source of future expansion.

According to the Economic Times, Indian . India is often spoken of in the same breath as China because of its billion-plus population, economic promise, value as a trading partner and growing military capabilities.

Is china a threat to the indian software industry

The Metrology Software market growth rate in the major economies such as the U.S., Japan, China etc. are estimated individually.

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The report consists of 99 data charts describing the market shares, sales forecasts and growth prospects. The Technology Institute is PwC’s global research network that studies the business of technology and the technology of business with the purpose of creating thought leadership that offers both fact-based analysis and experience-based perspectives.

Nothing prevents China or Pakistan from trying to hack Indian elections Tackling the digital threat to elections in India - Livemint The threats of foreign interference increase manifold. Global Security Software Industry New Study On “ Security Software Market Global Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Forecast” Added to Wise Guy Reports Database This report focuses on the global Security Software status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.

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