House panel electronic surveillance essay

It may be the most powerful court you have never heard of -- operating out of a bunker-like complex just blocks from the U. Capitol and White House, sealed tightly to prevent any eavesdropping. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court deals with some of the most sensitive matters of national security -- terror threats and espionage.

House panel electronic surveillance essay

Techniques you'll need to master: Connecting a quad switcher to a VCR and cameras Planning the installation of a smoke detector Identifying the location of a glass break detector Planning a security system zone layout Selecting locations for keypads Evaluating a wireless and hard-wired security system Selecting a proper password for a monitoring station Comparing the light sensitivity levels of various brands of surveillance cameras Identifying the components contained in a security control panel A home security and surveillance system is an essential part of any modern automated home.

The basic design of a security system begins with analyzing the needs of the inhabitants, surveying existing technology and hardware, reviewing system costs, considering monitoring choices, and finally planning the installation.

Electronic Surveillance: Unlawful Invasion of Privacy or Justifiable Law Enforcement

In addition to perimeter and interior protection offered by a House panel electronic surveillance essay system, surveillance monitoring includes features that enable the inhabitants to observe environmental conditions inside and outside the home when at home or away.

In a home surveillance system, video cameras and display systems are considered by most contractors to be optional items. Subject to the homeowner's choice, surveillance equipment can function independently from the basic features included in home security monitoring.

This chapter provides the information you will need to know as a home integrator for designing, integrating, and installing a home security and surveillance system.

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Design Considerations The design of a security and surveillance system should provide for the protection of the entire perimeter of a home as well as visual- and audio-based surveillance monitoring. Security system sensors are available that are designed to detect sound, window and door intrusion, air movement, body heat, motion, and other conditions that indicate an intruder is present.

House panel electronic surveillance essay

A good security system design should consider the best plan for existing homes as well as new construction. It should also consider the lifestyle of all the inhabitants, the location of valuables or any items to be protected, how the system is to be controlled, adequate smoke and fire alerting sensors, and the type of emergency response required.

The design choices are numerous and varied due to advances in home security technology and the wide availability of compact, low-cost video surveillance systems.

These types of security systems are usually available at a local hardware store or on the Internet and are often designed for do-it-yourself installation. Wireless systems enable you to take the components with you when moving to a new location. Each sensor also transmits status information such as battery voltage, condition of the sensor switch, and other diagnostic messages.

Wireless sensors, motion detectors, and video cameras can often be installed in locations that are not accessible for wired equipment. The basic disadvantages of wireless security systems are Wireless system design specifications can limit the distance between sensors, cameras, and the central controller.

Wireless systems can be vulnerable to electromagnetic interference EMI in some locations. They require periodic replacement of batteries. Most professional builders recommend wireless systems as a last choice. Hard-wired Security and Surveillance Systems Hard-wired security and surveillance systems use wires installed inside the walls, attics, crawl spaces, and underground to connect the sensors to a central controller.

Surveillance cameras or microphones are also wired to speakers, video switchers, and video display monitors. A hard-wired system design normally uses power from the home AC power wiring as the primary source. A rechargeable battery pack is used by the controller for backup during power outages.

The main components of a hard-wired system are similar to a wireless system but without the radio receiver and transmitter components. They include a central control panel, sensors, one or more keypads, motion detectors, smoke and fire sensors, cameras, camera switchers, video displays, and sirens.

The advantages for a hard-wired security system are Hard-wired security systems are considered by most contractors to be more reliable than wireless systems. Hard-wired systems are usually installed by a professional security system contractor with warranties and maintenance support.

Hard-wired systems avoid the problem of EMI and radio range limitations inherent in some wireless security systems. The hard-wired components are usually less visible and more aesthetically pleasing than wireless components.

Hard-wired systems do not depend on batteries except for power failure backup protection. The disadvantages of a hard-wired security system are Hard-wired systems are more expensive than wireless systems. Hard-wired systems are usually leased from the company that installs the system. Unlike a wireless system, the hard-wired system remains an integral part of the home.

The components are not capable of being moved to another home when the owner relocates. Problems can arise in the installation of sensors in existing homes where some areas are not accessible for pulling wires inside the walls.

Remote Access Systems A remote access system provides the capability to monitor and control a home security system from a location away from the home. A telephone call to the home followed by a key number code allows the caller to obtain status information concerning environmental and alarm system condition.Essay on surveillance and privacy; Leave your email to keep updated with our latest special offers!

The electronic devices used include the closed circuit TV, the VCR, the telephone bugging, electronic databases and the proximity cards. Surveillance has presented numerous challenges to the right to privacy. Ethical Arguments Of Electronic Surveillance Information Technology Essay.

electronic surveillance would be deemed “enlightened self-interest” in the old way of thinking but it is now regarded as pure self-interest. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website.

Electronic surveillance cameras are now being installed at street crossings, in banks, above freeways, in federal parks, and in the workplace, just to name a few. In the very near future, automatic teller machines will be able to match ones" face to his account/5(4).

Free Essay: Electronic Surveillance of Employee Professor Cowan LEG April 24 Table of Content Page Where an employee can reasonably expect to have.

Editor's Note: A full version of this paper, complete with citations, can be found here. Over the next year, Congress will have to address one of the most controversial electronic surveillance statutes, the FISA Amendments Act (commonly referred to by one of its key provisions, Section ), before it .

A bill to extend one of the NSA’s most powerful surveillance tools, and further peel back American civil liberties, was approved today by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in a strict party line vote (), with Republican members voting in the majority.

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