Grub ext3-fs write access unavailable cannot proceed

I suppose that havingit should be able to read itbut would have the own of the file? How important is not to only be able to read itbut also own it? I suppose if the user ID is the samewouldn't be any problem ,as each ubuntu would supose that the file is owned by their user. Perhaps the user name change,but if the ID is the samethe user is the same for ubuntunot any different, no?

Grub ext3-fs write access unavailable cannot proceed

Correct way to install VirtualBox Guest Additions packages on Kali Linux

July 5th, The first command installs grub to the windows partition boot sector which will break windows. Also, 'grub-install' doesn't allow you to do this, unless you force it. Your first couple of posts indicated that there were errors on the wubi virtual disk file system.

Usually you'd need to run an fsck on it to fix it. But then after that it would still no longer boot. It took the update-grub to get things back and working.

Anyway, it works for me and perhaps the information in this thread will be useful to somebody in the future. By the way this is what happens if you try This is a BAD idea.

Embedding is not possible. GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.

grub ext3-fs write access unavailable cannot proceed

The only reason I mention it is that by saying that you did xxx and that it solved your problem, you run the risk that someone else tries it. It will break your windows if you force grub to install itself to it. There is a fix in progress now to correct this imo that's closing the stable door after the horse has bolted Perhaps something you are thinking should have happened has not happened?

To that end, here is the output of my commands:EXT4-fs (sda3): write access unavailable, cannot proceed and now tasksel is stalled. The whole sda disk is not actually mounted, root and home directories are mounted on sdb.

The system boots from the sdb disk (it’s selected in BIOS). Swap uses sdb2 partition.

So I’m not sure why sda is needed. 1 /* 2 * linux/fs/ext3/super.c: 3 * 4 * Copyright (C) , , , 5 * Remy Card ([email protected]) 6 * Laboratoire MASI - Institut Blaise Pascal. Jun 10,  · EXT4-fs (sdb4): write access unavailable, Cannot proceed. These errors are all pointing to mmy second hard drive it .

Lock vob for read- only access. Disable write, create, delete, modify. Hide branch permanently. Lock code with given label. VOB is unavailable. Cannot create.. permission denied.

Unable To Read Superblock Ext3

Error: Unable to update view "view- tag": Permission denied. such as the Dell Venue series and the HP Slate series. Android- x. 86 comes with the GRUB. Nov 27,  · Something went wrong on my RT-AC After the update I got no Internet connection and the router claims that WAN is diconnected.

Rebooting and. Oct 21,  · [ ] EXT3-fs: write access unavailable, cannot proceed.

grub ext3-fs write access unavailable cannot proceed

How can I fix the issue so I can use the disc again (with out loosing the data) .

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