Assignment about business plan

Business Plan May 7, Business planning is a mapping of your vision for the future of an organization. As a health care administrator, it is important that you are able to create an effective business plan. For this Assignment, you examine the following scenario and develop a business plan for the organization. A city-based community hospital is looking at adding an urgent care facility in a rural area.

Assignment about business plan

The particular products assignment about business plan be offered in small and medium size. Cappuccino is very demanding product in the coffee shop industry. La Costa Cold Coffee Excluding ice-cream: This the special product of Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe which will be offered to the customers.

assignment about business plan

It is cold coffee which will be served with ice cream according to the choice of customers. It is a strong coffee drink. It will be offered to the consumers who likes to drink strong coffee. It is a coffee which will be made by adding chocolate and hot milk.

This will also be made available in three sizes i. It will be offered in both types i. It will be stuffed with tomato slices, cucumber and lettuce and cheese. It will also be a speciality product of Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe.

A standard size chicken sandwich with required stuff like cheese, and lettuce Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate with the best quality will be offered to live up to the expectation of people who have strong likeness of having hot chocolate. Innovation or difference in the products The complete idea of establishing Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe is different and innovative with respect to the existing competitors.

There is no branded or non-branded firm which are operating coffee cafe with recreational facilities in London as well as in other place of the world. Apart from that, the taste and shape of products would be different from the competitors firm.


These products are very demanding in the industry, thus Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe also decided to offer the particular products in order to reap the benefits from the growing market trend. Advantages of Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe products and services over the competitors The concept and idea with which Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe is coming in the market is totally different from the existing business activities of competitors firms like Starbucks, Caffee Nero.

There is no firm who are providing coffee cafe services with recreational activities Price Watch July, So, this type of innovative services will bring enthusiasm among consumers and will stimulate them to visit the cafe and spend their good time by doing recreational activities.

To open the Joy Coffee and Bean Cafe substantial funds would be required for buying of equipments, payment of remuneration to staff, purchasing of furnitures and fixture, books, painting board, interior decoration etc.

In Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe, a staff of 5 people would be required in which 2 would be the managers and 3 would be the catering staff. The account manager and store manager would be appointed on the basis of their year of experience and educational qualification. It is decided that the account manage required to be an MBA finance with 3 years industry experience whereas the store manager must be a graduate in commerce with 2 years experience.

In order to establish the cafe in successful manner following physical resources would be acquired or bought. Anticipated challenges and issues in the doing of the given business The major challenge and issue which could be arise or emerge in Joy Coffee and Beans Cafe would be non-availability of coffee beans in market due to any natural environment condition.Whether you are looking for Business plan assignment pdf, Strategic Business plan Homework Help or Operational Business plan assignment help Students Assignment help is the perfect place where you can get thing related to your academic business plan homework and Assignments.

The business development plan is basically designed to establish a new company as an entrepreneur. In this regard, it is required that a detailed business prop. A business plan is a detailed plan for a proposed program, project, or service.

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