Anne rice essay earlier works

She was married to poet and painter Stan Rice for forty-one years until his death from cancer in Her books have sold nearly million copies, making her one of the most widely read authors in modern history. About her unusual given name, Rice said: She told the nun "Anne," considering it a pretty name.

Anne rice essay earlier works

Also wrote under pseudonyms Anne Rampling and A. Anne Rice is the best-selling author of mainstream gothic fiction that centers on the alluring subjects of vampirism, occult demonology, and the supernatural.

Her debut novel, Interview with the Vampireattracted a large popular audience and established her as a foremost contemporary author of horror fiction. Her vampires, demons, and historical personages are typically dispossessed or alienated individuals who wrestle with existential questions of morality, religion, sex, and death.

As a child she disliked her first name so much that she changed it to Anne in grade school. Rice attended a Catholic church throughout her childhood, though eventually rejected organized religion as a teenager. They married in and shortly afterward moved to San Francisco, where their daughter, Michelle, was born.

She also took graduate classes at the University of California, Berkeley. When Michelle, then five years old, died of leukemia inRice and her husband sought solace in alcohol, a destructive pattern that lasted several years. Two works of historical fiction, The Feast of All Saints and Cry to Heaven followed during the early s before Rice returned to vampires.

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Rice also adapted Interview with the Vampire into the screenplay for the Hollywood film version of the novel, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, which appeared in Rice returned to New Orleans inpurchasing a mansion in the Garden District, which serves as the setting for her books about the Mayfair Witches.

She lives there today with her husband and son, Christopher. In Interview with the Vampire a vampire named Louis relates his life story and adventures to a reporter who tape-records their session. Recalling his transformation as a vampire in at age twenty-five, Louis describes his first kill and evolving relationships with Lestat, his maker, and Claudia, a child-vampire whom they have created together.

Unlike Claudia and Lestat who revel in murderous bloodshed, Louis is tormented by a moral dilemma—he believes it is wrong to kill, but he must kill to eat. After burning the Theatre and escaping with Armand, an older vampire who mentors him, Louis returns to New Orleans where he is an outcast.

As in much gothic fiction, underlying themes of homoeroticism and incest are prevalent throughout the novel. Rice also examines religious beliefs by comparing Louis, who tries and fails to construct his own moral framework, to his brother, a devout Roman Catholic.

In the sequel, The Vampire Lestat, Lestat awakes from a moribund slumber in the yearupon which he becomes a leather clad rock star. Presented as an autobiographic account, the novel traces the origins and history of vampirism through ancient, medieval, and modern history.

The story concludes as Lestat performs in San Francisco to an audience of vampires who prepare to kill him for revealing their secrets in his published autobiography and lyrics. A continuation of the previous novel, The Queen of the Damned involves Akasha, mother of all vampires, whose scheme to institute world peace involves exterminating most of the male population and founding an empire governed by women.

In The Tale of the Body Thief Lestat contemplates suicide and eventually agrees to exchange his body with a mortal to temporarily escape his relentless ennui. Lestat must relearn mortal habits and a desperate chase follows after his counterpart disappears with his immortal body.

Armand recollects his apprenticeship to Marius De Romanus in sixteenth-century Venice and subsequent rise as head of a Parisian vampire clan. The Mummy takes place in London, where young Julie Stratford falls in love with the reanimated mummy of Pharaoh Ramses III, who possesses the secret elixir of life.

Julie and Ramses travel to Egypt where Ramses revives a murderous Cleopatra. In Servant of the Bonesthe genie Azriel fights the attempts of a demented millionaire to commit genocide on the population of the Third World.

Rice combined her interest in history with her exploration of social exiles by writing two historical novels. The Feast of All Saints enters the world of the gens de couleur, the group of free mulattoes who lived in antebellum New Orleans. The story focuses on the experiences of siblings Marcel and Marie, whose distinctive golden skin prohibits their full acceptance within either black or white society.

Cry to Heaven centers upon the life of an eighteenth-century Italian castrati, a male singer who is castrated as a boy to preserve his high voice. The protagonist, Tonio Treschi, attempts to fulfill his desire to become one of the greatest opera singers in Europe while plotting revenge on his brother for treacherously having him castrated and exiled.

She is widely praised for rejuvenating the hackneyed genre of vampire fiction with her intelligent, ambitious novels. Some dismiss her otherworldly subject matter and frequent erotic descriptions as unworthy of serious literary effort.

Anne rice essay earlier works

Her weird casts of characters and fantastic storylines hold a terrific appeal for readers and have broken new ground in contemporary literature. Trapped in immortality, they suffer human regret. They are lonely, prisoners of circumstance, compulsive sinners, full of self-loathing and doubt.

The are, in short, Everyman Eternal.A New Edition of Memnoch the Devil has been released and includes Anne's essay on her Earlier Works and a Study Guide. Anne has provided the following comment on this new edition: "This is the most spiritual and most religious of the Vampire Chronicles, a real stepping stone for me in my return to Christ.

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Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession [Anne Rice] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In , Anne Rice startled her readers with her novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, and by revealing that. Questions from journalists regarding my earlier works and my attitude towards them are as frequent now as these questions were in when Thank you for reading this essay.

Anne Rice. Anne Rice Biography Anne Rice is a popular author known for horror and erotic novels. This biography of Anne Rice provides detailed information about her childhood, life, achievements, works & Stan Rice.

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