A report on the use of the word god in america

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A report on the use of the word god in america


Contemporary worship seems particularly important in attracting young adults. Worship is no longer an exclusively Sunday morning affair -- people worship at many different times from Friday through Sunday evening They also worship in many different languages; the survey on which the report is based identified 66 different languages.

The author is Marjorie H. She is secretary of the Religious Research Association and has written extensively about worship, congregational vitality and clergy leadership. Drums and projection screens [forms of contemporary worship] do not fit in every tradition or with every age group.

The report is one in a series produced by The Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership CCSPbased on a survey that analyzed responses from 11, randomly sampled congregations of all faith traditions in the United States.

Overall, the Faith Communities Today survey series includes responses from more than 28, congregations. Non-denominational congregations and those from historically Black denominations have led the way in introducing contemporary worship styles and instruments and other innovations.

Sunday morning remains the most common time for worship, but congregations are adding evening services. Multiple opportunities for worship are more typical of groups with larger numbers of constituents, such as Roman Catholics and Muslims. Change continues to occur slowly.

When asked how much they had changed in the last five years, nearly half of all congregations said they had not changed at all. When change occurs, it is not without its costs.

Forty-two percent of congregational leaders reported conflict over how worship is conducted, over the last five years. In general, non-denominational Protestants are the leaders in adopting contemporary worship. This group is newer than conservative or oldline Protestants, are somewhat larger and have a higher percentage of young adults.

Size affects worship in several ways. Larger congregations, with more resources, are more likely to use drums, electric guitars, and visual projection equipment. In most faith groups, innovation in worship is more typical of the West and South. Decreasing average attendance at worship is the biggest difference since The median size of the congregation decreased in every Christian denomination group.

Congregations with contemporary worship elements are more likely than others to be rated as vital. Several characteristics of worship were positively related to growth in attendance between and — multiple worship services; worship described as joyful, innovative and inspirational; and the use of drums, electric guitars and projection equipment.Others wanted to permit the individual states to support established churches if they so chose.

Both groups were reluctant to make explicit references to God in the nation's founding document.

A report on the use of the word god in america

Barna Group research reveals the cultural and Most teens report positive feelings when they see The Bible Is Considered the Literal or Inspired Word of God.

While worshiping with the people, we were able to make some observations on the state of the church in America. A Famine of Hearing the Word of God. Based on context, what does the word DURATION mean in this passage from SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD? When you look forward, you shall see a long forever, a boundless duration before you, which will swallow up your thoughts and amaze your soul.

America has beclowned itself this election cycle. This is what 50 years of liberal education and media get you. Wanted: Presidential candidate who is neither batshit crazy or . Use the power of your tongue to declare and decree the Word of God.

Witness heaven move on your behalf. After Hair Loss From Chemo, Anne Graham Lotz 'Thankful God Looks on the Heart'.

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